Sorry about no new patterns

I seem to have damaged my hand. Probably doing yard work on Sunday as I was digging for hours, cleaning up after our most recent windstorm. Love it. Anyway, I can barely hold a pen let alone knitting needles or a crochet hook. As my job is more important (income means I can buy yarn), I need to take it easy in the evenings until it isn’t quite so painful.

I really want to get all the Avengers dolls done so look for that. And I haven’t forgotten the Yo Gabba Gabba fans. I promise to finally finish plex before my next craft show in Late June.

Happy Crocheting.



  1. Trying not to be a pest…Just finished Muno for my grandbaby. He will be 4 yrs. old July 1st. I made the eye light up and put jingles in the feet. I also have made him the Brobee with jingles in the feet, he loves it. Thanks so much for your patterns, I’ve so enjoyed making them for my lil man. He really likes Plex and I’ve been periodically looking to see if you’ve had a chance to finish up on this pattern. I’m trying not to be a pest about it, but so look forward to making this one also. I do so hope your hand has healed and that you will be able to finish Plex up soon. God Bless you and heal your hand quickly and for sharing your patterns with people like me who strugle to follow patterns. You make it easier for people like me. Thanks again…and hope to hear from you soon. I am on my daughter’s computer right now, my name is Victoria Weidman and I will continue to check your status…


    • Victoria, you are very nice. I have been really swamped with my real job and I haven’t had the opportunity to really work on any patterns. I will restart Plex from the beginning (my chihuahua ate my notes).

      It is a goal of mine to have all five of them. Especially as big as they are, I would really love to have them all on display. I am sorry for the delay. i will definitely try to get back to it.



  2. Thanks for your reply. I do so look forward to your finished yogabba gabba characters, and look forward to making each one for my precious lil man. I think I will go ahead and get started on Foofa, even though she is pink. I will continue to check your progress and thanks so much for all your time and effort you take in making and sharing them. God Bless you and your lil dog too… 🙂


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