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Max the Mantis Shrimp

Crocheted mantis shrimp pattern

Meet Max. I put him on Facebook before I had made him twice to make sure there were no kinks in the pattern. Max has been tested and is now ready for purchase. I really enjoyed making this aquatic creature.

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Curly Simon

Crocheted monster

This is Curly Simon. She is a free pattern that will be added. Things I am working on: Finalizing testing on the Mantis Shrimp pattern so I can post it free of errors. Reworking the lego hat into different sizes.

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Frank Cyclopstra

Crochet monster

I’ve been having too much fun making monsters. They are multiplying faster than I have room for. Meet Frank Cyclopstra. He’ll sing a song and get into trouble. Warning, he’ll always have his eye on you. The pattern is being

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This year’s Mardi Gras creation – Pom poms

Pompoms that look like boobs

Every year for Mardi Gras, I try to create something new to add to my increasing collection of boob related accessories. (I know, I know). This year I had an order for a boob scarf that I barely got done

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