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Free Pattern – Vulpix

Free Pattern – Vulpix

I know I made the Pokémon toys awhile ago. It is taking me awhile to get them typed.


Just got Vulpix typed. The picture isn’t fabulous, but she is ready for all who wish to crochet her. And hopefully in time for the holidays. I know I still need to get Polliwag and Jigglypuff typed.

Please keep in mind that this pattern has not been tested. If you have problems or questions, email me or comment and I will try to assist you. Follow the link vulpix for a .pdf of the pattern. Please let me know if there are any problems.

I’ve entered Sparky, Frostina and Clyde in a Design Contest. It is all about Monsters and there are some super cute ones on her. Vote for me starting December 3. Remember you can only vote once and they usually have you vote for up to five. I may enter another one in tomorrow.



Free Pattern – Q-bert

Free Pattern – Q-bert

I’ve been busy. I was working feverishly on Nosferatu to get him done before Halloween.


Sadly, I had the prototype done but didn’t have it tested. He’s all tested now. I really like giving things creepy white eyes. I haven’t been able to find white plastic eyes, so I just spray paint a pair in the appropriate diameter using a paint with a satin finish. I think the satin finish gives them a decidedly flat and creepy look. The pattern for Nosferatu is up for sale on Ravely, Craftsy and Etsy. I even made a kit.

I like kits as I don’t have to find the yarn colors, notions, etc. I also don’t have to buy a whole skein when I only need a few yards of a color. Let’s be honest, I usually don’t mind buying an extra ball of yarn here and there, but I’m supposed to be cutting down my stash and only buying what I need. Hence a kit. If you want to make your very own creature of the night, you can pick up the kit on Etsy as well.

Now I titled this blog free pattern and I haven’t even started talking about any pattern. What is wrong with me?


It’s Q-bert. I love 80’s pop culture referenced and I totally remember watching this cartoon as a kid. I didn’t play the game that much. Isn’t he just adorable with his snout and big eyes. He does stand on his own, but it takes some manipulation to get the balance right. He tends to be the tiniest bit top heavy.

Before I keep rambling, here’s the pattern. It hasn’t been tested so if there are problems, please let me know. If there is anything confusing, let me know that as well.

I’m working on a turkey I have affectionately named Chief Featherbrain.


His one foot just wants to hang out all wonky. He’s being tested now and hopefully, I’ll have his pattern up soon.

Then it’s on to Christmas Crochet. I’m trying to decide between Yukon Cornelius, The bumble, Hermie or Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

Oh and I also entered a contest with Clyde. 2015-07-06 21.34.50-2


I’ll post more details later on how to vote. I’m trying to get up a few more monsters entered into the contest before the deadline.

Happy Crocheting.