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Polliwag – Free Pattern

Polliwag – Free Pattern




Gryffindor refused to look at that the camera.


I added a few new hat colors inspired by Harry Potter Houses.

Reminder tomorrow is the last day to vote for Beebs, Clyde, Mango and Tango and Sparky and Frostina. Please help me out and vote.

But really you are probably here for the free pattern.


Polliwag was interesting. I learned how to make a 2 color spiral and a crochet I-cord.



Worsted Weight Yarn

I love this yarn – Medium Blue

I love this yarn – Soft Pink

I love this yarn – White

I love this yarn – Black

Size E crochet hook


Large Eye Needle




SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

CH- Chain

FO – Fasten Off

SL ST – Slip Stitch

INC – Make two Single Crochet in Same Stitch

DEC – Single Crochet two stitches together

BLO – Back Loops Only

FLO – Front Loops Only


Note: Almost the entire project is worked in the round. Use a stitch marker or a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each row. Then you don’t have to count every row. Do not join unless instructed to.


Parentheses indicate a repeat. Repeat the stitches in the parentheses for the number of times indicated.


The bracketed number [] is the number of stitches at the end of each row.


I spread my increases out so there isn’t a seam on the finished piece. If you do not like this method, you can do regular increases.


See last page for alternative color options


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at



BODY – in Medium Blue

CH 2

Round 1: 6 SC in 2nd CH from hook [6].

Round 2: INC in each stitch [12].

Round 3: (SC, INC)  6 times [18].

Round 4: (SC, INC, SC) 6 times [24].

Round 5: (3 SC, INC) 6 times [30].

Round 6: (2 SC, INC, 2 SC) 6 times [36].

Rounds 7-11: 5 rows SC [36 stitches per row].

Round 12: (5 SC, INC) 6 times [42].

Rounds 13-18: 6 rows SC [42 stitches per row].

Round 19: (3 SC, INC, 3 SC) 6 times [48].

Rounds 20-26: 7 rows SC [48 stitches per row].

Round 27: (6 SC, DEC) 6 times [42].

Round 28: (5 SC, DEC) 6 times [36].

Round 29: (4 SC, DEC) 6 times [30].

Round 30: (3 SC, DEC) 6 times [24].

Start stuffing

Round 31: (2 SC, DEC) 6 times [18].

Round 32: (SC, DEC) 6 times [12].

Round 33: DEC 6 times [6].

Fasten off thread tail through stitches from last round and pull up tight to close hole.


FEET (Make 2) in Medium Blue

Ch 4

Round 1: SC in 2nd Ch, SC in next 2 stitches. 3 SC in last stitch, working in the unused loops from the chain, SC 2, 3 SC in last chain. [12].

Round 2: 3 SC, 3 INC, 3 SC, 3 INC [18].

Round 3: 3 SC (SC, INC) 3 times, 3 SC (SC, INC) [24].

Round 4: SC in BLO [24].

Round 5: 2 SC, 5 DEC, 3 SC, 3 DEC, SC [14].

Round 6: SC row [14].

Stuff foot

Round 7: DEC 7 times [7].

Round 8: 5 SC, DEC [6].

Rounds 9-11: 3 rows SC [6 stitches per row].

Stuff legs firmly and sew to bottom of the body. The legs need to be stuffed firmly to make Polliwag stand.


MOUTH in Soft Pink

Ch 4

Round 1: SC in 2nd Ch from hook and in next stitch, 3 SC in last stitch, using the unused loops from the 1st 2 stitches SC 2, 3 SC in the end [10].

Fasten off. Curve slightly and sew to body over the belly patch.


EYES  (Make 2)

Starting in Black

Ch 2

Round 1:  6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook, change colors to white [6].

Round 2: SC, 2 HDC in next stitch, 2 HDC in next stitch, SC (this is not a complete row) [8]

Fasten off and sew to body



Note: I will explain this as best I can, but if you don’t understand you can google for a YouTube tutorial.

Ch 2 in Black

Step 1:  3 SC in 2nd Ch from hook, remove hook from work leaving a large loop so you don’t lose your stitch [3].

Step 2: Join white opposite black and SC 3, working in the black stitches INC in each stitch, remove hook [9].

Step 3: Using black INC 3 times in the white stitches, (SC, INC) until you get to the end of the white stitches, drop black [15].

Step 4: Using white (SC, INC) 3 times and then (2 SC, INC) 3 times, drop white [21].

Step 5: Using Black (2 SC, INC) 3 times and then (3 SC, INC) 3 times, Fasten off Black [27]

Step 6: Using White (3 SC, INC) 3 times and then (4 SC, INC) 3 times, join to close the circle with a slip stitch [33].

Fasten off and sew to body.


FLAT PART of tail

In White

Ch 2

Round 1: 6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook [6].

Round 2: INC 6 times [12].

Round 3: (SC, INC) 6 times [18].

Round 4: (SC, INC, SC) 6 times [24].

Rounds 5-9: 5 rows SC [24 stitches per row].

Round 10: (DEC, 10 SC) 2 times [22].

Round 11: SC row [22].

Round 12: (DEC, 9 SC) 2 times [20].

Round 13: SC row [20].

Round 14: (DEC, 8 SC) 2 times [18].

Round 15: SC row [18].

Round 16: (DEC, 7 SC) 2 times [16].

Round 17: (DEC, 6 SC) 2 times [14].

Round 18: (DEC, 5 SC) 2 times [12].

Round 19: (DEC, 4 SC) 2 times [10].

Round 20: (DEC, 3 SC) 2 times [8].

You want to flatten the tail

Round 21: (DEC, 2 SC) 2 times [6].

Round 22: (DEC, SC) 2 times [4].

Fasten off. Sew opening closed.

Using Medium Blue sew a vein down the center of the tail.



Crochet a 4 stitch i-cord for two inches.

For instructions see:


Sew to skinny edge of the flat part and to the body.


Polliwag is all done.



Look at that tail.



Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

I don’t always crochet. Sometimes, I knit little hats and scarves for my champagne corks.

I’m super cozy

This is a fun way to use up little scraps of yarn and all those champagne corks I have been saving for the last year. Any excuse to drink bubbles is a good excuse. That reminds me, I should pick up some bottles for the holidays and maybe be able to make this little one some friends.

Sometimes I spend my Friday nights painting.


Flowers exploding on the page.

It usually depends on whether we have kid things to do. The kids are at an age where they are very active. I’m playing with abstract concepts and ideas right now and I’m really enjoying the results. I signed up for a subscription with artist network TV and I watch classes on different types of art mediums to get ideas. The best results usually happen when I experiment. I am playing with Liquitex String Gel Medium right now and I am really enjoying the results. Nothing is good enough to share with the world just yet.

I also tried my hand at Needlepoint this last week.


Sparkly trees

I haven’t done needlepoint in a very long time, but my Dad requested this for Christmas. The plan is to take this completed piece and wrap it around a spool. Then you string beads and a hanger to turn it into an ornament. I am currently lacking some of the supplies to finish it, so a trip to the craft store is in order. YAY! Excuse to go shopping. The design is one of my Aunt Beth’s who sadly passed away this summer. I have another design that Dad would also like done, so I will be venturing back into this craft. I did enjoy it, but it required way more focus than crochet does. I might repurpose the tree designs for another project.

I have been working on crochet projects, but I run out of yarn when they are done so I can’t test them.



Fuzzy Bunny Slippers!


My monkeys fly!


That’s okay the trip to the craft store is still in order.

I am trying to be better about posting. I even put in in my calendar which means I have to do it. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates as to what I have going on and what I am making.

Reminder tomorrow the design contest starts. Make sure to vote for Mango and Tango, Clyde, Sparky and Frostina, and Beebs.

Next Friday, Polliwag will be typed and up as a free pattern.

This week the #tbt was Beebs. Have you made him yet? What do you think of those eyes?

What would you like to see on the blog?

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