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Mystery Crochet a-long part #1


My apologies. Work went a little insane last Friday right when I was getting ready to post this first part of the pattern. Then it kept going until today. Actually, I am still supposed to be making phone calls, but I needed a breather.

What are your thoughts on pictures? I don’t want to give it away, but I would love to see progress posts. I’ll put mine on Facebook.

I’ve already made some edits to the pattern. Please let me know if there is anything you think needs changing or clarified.


Parentheses indicate a repeat. Repeat the stitches in the parentheses for the number of times indicated.

The bracketed number [] is the number of stitches at the end of each row.


I spread my increases out so there isn’t a seam on the finished piece. If you do not like this method, you can do regular increases.


Crochet section is worked in partly in the round. Use a stitch marker or a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each row. Then you don’t have to count every row. Do not join unless instructed to.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


EYES (Make 2) – in white

The eyes are made by doing an oval increase. Sometime it helps to mark where your increases are going to go with a spare piece of contrasting yarn. Just note that the first row is worked on both sides of the starting chain.

Ch 4

Round 1: SC in 2nd Ch, SC in next  stitch. 3 SC in last stitch. Working in the unused loops from the chain, SC 2, 3 SC in last chain. [10].

Round 2: 2 SC, 3 INC, 2 SC, 3 INC [16].

Fasten off. You will insert your 10.5 mm eyes through the white eyes and through the orange body when you insert them and sew them down. Posts of eyes will be off center.


BODY – in orange neon

Ch 2

Round 1:  6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook [6].

Round 2: INC in each stitch [12].

Round 3: (SC, INC) 6 times [18].

Round 4: (SC, INC, SC) 6 times [24].

Round 5: (3 SC, INC) 6 times [30].

Round 6: (2 SC, INC, 2 SC) 6 times [36].

Round 7: (5 SC, INC) 6 times [42].

Round 8: (3 SC, INC, 3 SC) 6 times [48].

Round 9: (7 SC, INC) 6 times [54].

Rounds 10-23: 14 rows SC [54 stitches per row].

Insert eyes 6 stitches apart between rows 14-15. Sew down the whites of the eyes.


Mystery Crochet Along

Mystery Crochet Along

I am so sorry. This was supposed to be up over a week ago, but I got sick, then my husband got sick. Basically, we have been a walking plague these past two weeks.

I reworked the Champagne Cork Ornaments for Easter.


One chick and his hoppers!

Look at those tails!

Sheldon was finally tested and typed.

Sheldon assembled!

He even got new colors. I’m also working on more kits.

Sheldon in kit form.

I don’t like having to buy a ton of yarn just to make one little thing. Kits are perfect so I have just enough. I simply can’t throw away unused yarn. I have little fiddly bits all over the place.

Cecilia has been reworked and will soon be available as a pattern.

All eyelashes and charm.

She’s part of my cuddly aquarium series.

Oh Mystery Crochet A-long, Ha! This pattern has been posted, but it has not been tested. There were some great guesses on Facebook. I’m excited to try a lot of the suggestions, especially Bob Ross. He just would be a fun little plushie to sit on my desk and mellow me out.

Here’s how this will work. Today I’ll post the materials and on Friday I’ll post the first part of the pattern. It might be super obvious who we are making as soon as I tell the materials, but I hope this will be fun.


I love this yarn – Orange Neon
I love this yarn – White
10.5 m Safety eyes
Size E crochet hook
Large eye blunt needle