Mardi Gras Fun and the Boob Scarf

Boob Scarf - Crochet Pattern Instructions

The boob scarf

This weekend was the annual Grand Parade for Mardi Gras in St. Louis. We don’t go anywhere near as crazy as New Orleans, but we give it a go. Last year at a friend’s urging I came up with these for us to wear.

Those got us a lot of attention and quite a few beads, which are always a plus at the parade.

This year I decided to change thing up and make a couple of different versions for the parade.

They were pretty easy to modify. I used iron on appliques from Wal-Mart to dress them up.The piercing is actually an old gold hoop that I had laying around that was missing its friend. Unfortunately, that was lost pretty early on and I had to re-pierce while at the parade with found objects.

Needless to say fun was had by all. For your own boob scarf go to for the original recipe pattern.
Until next time.


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Viking Hat on display

My friend, the wonderful and talented, Kristie Cromie, helped me out last week by taking a few photos of her adorable little Will posing in the Viking Helmet kids hat that I had made for her.

He's at that stage where keeping a hat on is not his forte

A couple of other shots:

The pattern is available at

I tried to use ribbing to make it stretchy and give it that plated metal look. I made the brim seperately using a seed and bobble stitch to give the appearance of rivits on the hat. Lastly, I crocheted and stuffed the horn so they would stick up. I’ve tried this hat in multiple colors including blue and hot pink. I’d like to make a version with braids, but I keep running out of time.

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Inspiration for the Office Ninja

small crocheted ninja

Sometimes my inspiration for a project is hard to categorize. Not so with this little one. Adapted from a pattern from Creepy Cute Crochet, I couldn’t resist making this. Oftentimes, I design my own patterns, but that is not necessary when you have one so perfect at your disposal.

The story: Our sometimes receptionist was behind her desk with a pair of scissors looking oddly menacing. I decide that she is secretly our office ninja, steathily making her way through the office ready to bust people for improper computer use or stealing of office supplies. I share my stream of consciousness and she sends me this:

Beware my ninja scissors


Business Ideas UK

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Photo Shoot for the child’s hats

lady bug bonnet with antennae

I’m not a photographer, but I think these turned out pretty well. I’m lucky I had such cute and cooperative kids. As a bonus, the parents had a good time as well.

The pink owl hat is from a pattern by Inner Hooker, but she looked so cute, I couldn’t resist.

The pattern for the lady bug hat and cookie monster will be available at

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The Ladybug hat in progress

So I got a bee in my bonnet to creat a ladybug hat for little kids. Problem is, I don’t have little kids. Therefore, I have no idea if this is cute or fits or anything. So I stuck it on my glow in the dark cow.   Why I have an illuminated cow is a story for a different type of post. In this situation, it looks like a demented bovine bicycle helmet. This to me then presents the image of cows on bicycles which is slightly amusing. Hopefully, I will have an actual child to model it this weekend and I won’t seem so strange.

Sizing is difficult if you have no kids but like to make children’s things. I’m just saying.

Please forgive the picture quality as it is a picture from my phone with no flash and I have had little sleep today.

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Sheldon the Crab – free crochet pattern

Crochet Crab pattern

I’ve decided this year to start blogging my patterns. They will be available free in the untested version. If you would like the tested .pdf version with no ads, visit my etsy shop Drunken Aunt Wendy. I also have kits available to make Sheldon in his alternate light blue and purple color scheme. This is my Cuddly Aquarium series. Other in this series include Puck the Seal, Max the Mantis Shrimp, Lennie the Jellyfish, Silas the Snail, Cecilia the Narwhal, and Lucy the Lobster. All are available in my Etsy Shop. I have a few more to design and print and I will issue an ebook.

Sheldon started out as a way for me to figure out how to make claws and then moved on from there.

The pattern is below. As most crocheters say, please provide a link back to me so that I can get credit for this design.

SHELDON the Crab

Created in Vanna’s Choice Sapphire (A) and Vanna’s Choice Baby Little Boy Blue (B)

CLAW (make 2 in A)

Claw is initially made in two parts and then single crocheted together before you finish the base

Large part of claw.

  1. 2sc into magic ring
  2. inc in each stitch (4)-
  3. inc, 3sc (5)
  4. inc, 4sc (6)
  5. inc, 5sc (7)
  6. inc, 6sc (8)
  7. inc, 7sc (9)
  8. inc, 8 sc (10)
  9. inc, 9 sc (11)
  10. inc, 10 sc (12)
  11. inc, 11 sc (13)
  12. inc, 12 sc (14)
  13. inc, 13 sc (15)
  14. inc, 14 sc (16)
  15. inc, 15 sc (17)

fasten off

small part of claw

  1. 2sc into magic ring
  2. inc in each stitch (4)-
  3. inc, 3sc (5)
  4. inc, 4sc (6)
  5. inc, 5sc (7)
  6. inc, 6sc (8)
  7. inc, 7sc (9)
  8. inc, 8 sc (10)
  9. inc, 9 sc (11)

do not fasten off.


  1. Single crochet join with one stitch to side of big claw, continue sc row around claw to other side, single crochet join on far side (should be a two stitch gap) finish the row in single crochet (27 stitches)
  2. SC Row, sew gap between two parts of claw together, start stuffing
  3. *3sc, dec* around, sc remaining stitches (should be 3)
  4. SC row
  5. *2sc, dec* around sc remaining stitches
  6. SC row
  7. *1sc, dec* around, sc remaining stitches
  8. SC row
  9. dec around

fasten off and sew up opening.


  1. 6 in magic ring
  2. inc each stitch (12)
  3. *1sc, inc* 6 times (18)
  4. *2sc, inc* 6 times (24)
  5. *3sc, inc* 6 times (30)
  6. *4sc, inc* 6 times (36)
  7. *5sc, inc* 6 times (42)
  8. *6sc, inc* 6 times (48)
  9. *7sc, inc* 6 times (54)
  10. *8sc, inc* 6 times (60)
  11. *9sc, inc* 3 times, sc remaining stitched (63)
  12. SC Row
  13. *10 sc, inc* 3 times, sc around (66)
  14. SC ROW
  15. *11 sc, inc * 3 times, sc around (69)
  16. *12 sc, Inc* 3 times, SC Around (72)
  17. *13 sc, inc* 3 times, SC Around (75)
  18. *14 Sc, inc* 3 times, SC Around (78)
  19. *15 sc, inc * 3 times, SC Around (81)
  20. *16 sc, inc* 3 times, SC around (84)

Fasten Off


  1. 6 in magic ring
  2. inc each stitch (12)
  3. *1sc, inc* 6 times (18)
  4. *2sc, inc* 6 times (24)
  5. *3sc, inc* 6 times (30)
  6. *4sc, inc* 6 times (36)
  7. *5sc, inc* 6 times (42)
  8. *6sc, inc* 6 times (48)
  9. *7sc, inc* 6 times (54)
  10. *8sc, inc* 6 times (60)
  11. *9sc, inc* 6 times (66)
  12. *10 sc, inc * 6 times (72)
  13. *11sc, inc * 6 times (78)
  14. *12 sc, inc * 6 times (84)

15.-16  SC rows

17.        SC top to bottom

18-20    SC Rows

LEGS (make 8 in B)

  1. 4sc in magic ring
  2. inc in each stitch around
  3. single crochet through BLO

4-7               SC

8                    2 dec, sc, 2 inc, sc

9                    SC row

10-13      repeat 8 and 9, twice

14-15      SC rows

Fasten off and join to side of body under top overlap four on each side.

Antennae (make 2 in B)

  1. 4sc in magic ring
  2. inc around (8)
  3. *1sc, inc* 4 times (12)
  4. sc row
  5. *1sc, dec* 4 times (8)
  6. 4 dec (4)

7-8              SC rows

Fasten off and sew to top as in photo

Connectors between claw and body (make 2 in A)

  1. Chain 8 and joins with a slip stitch to make a ring

2-6              Single Crochet

  1. 2 dec, sc, 2 inc, sc
  2. 2 dec, sc, 2 inc, sc

9-10          Single crochet

Join with slip stitch

Sew to claw, stuff arm and sew to front of crab, just outside the antennae line (as in photo)

EYES (White make two)

  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. 2 inc, 2 hdc inc, 2 inc

Fasten off. Sew to front of body in between antennae under the top overhang

PUPILS (black make two)

  1. 4sc in magic ring, fasten off, sew to bottom of eyes as in photo
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