Champagne Cork Ornament Crochet Kit


Kit with everything you need to make your own Champagne Cork Ornaments.


Want to make your own Champagne Cork Ornaments? This kit is for you. It comes with 4 corks, one of them white for the snowman. The corks have the screw eyes attached for easy hanging. Plenty of yarn is provided to make the hats and the pompoms. I’ve even included the ribbons for hanging. Everything is all packaged up to make it perfect for gift giving. It also keeps things organized for you.

Tired of going out to buy an entire skein of yarn when you need just a few yards? This DIY crochet kit comes with almost everything you need to finish your own Ornaments
Kit contains:

I love this yarn – Graphite 6 yds
I love this yarn – White 20 yds
I love this yarn – Jellybean 20 yds
I love this yarn – Light Blue 20 yds
4 Champagne Corks
Pattern via hard copy and .pdf

You will need:
Black Sharpie
Pink Sharpie
Orange pen
1 inch pompom maker or a fork

This is for the kit only. If you want the completed item, please check my other listings or contact me.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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