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Free pattern will be delayed this week


So I love the Hunger Games. Katniss is the biggest badass since Ayla of the Clan of the Cave Bear. I went to see the movie and avoided the smack down when we called a dude out on singing randomly during the movie. However, the black angry bird I was working on is still not done. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I will post it tomorrow. It’s awesome.

If you are upset, blame Katniss. Be prepared, she’ll kick your ass.


Free Pattern Tuesday – Bacon Scarf



Everyone loves Bacon. Okay they should love Bacon. This Bacon Scarf should make all the Bacon lovers out there happy while keeping them warm and toasty. This pattern should be a little free form so if you don’t know what I am going for, it’s okay. If you get completely flustered, let me know and I will help you as best I can.

Copyright 2011 (c) Wendy’s Wild Life
Size H Crochet Hook
Size E Crochet Hook
Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Beige (A)
I love this yarn in Burnt Pumpkin (B)
Abbreviations and Terms
SC – Single Crochet
INC – Increase (2 SC in designated stitch)
CC – Change Colors
DEC – SC 2 stitches together
SL – Slip Stitch
Ch – chain
Note this pattern allows for a lot of improvisation. Feel free to change colors at random and add extra rows.
In A, Ch 201
1. SC in 2nd Ch from hook, SC remaining stitches (200)
2. Ch 1, 5 SC, 12 INC, 16 SC, 7 INC, 13 SC, 8 INC, 14 SC, 24 INC, 20 SC, 14 INC, 22 SC, 10 INC, 14 SC, 16 INC, 5 SC (291)
3. Ch 1, (10 SC, 10 INC) 14 times SC Remaining 11 stitches (431)
4. Ch 1, DEC all the way across the row, SC last stitch (216)
5. CC to B, Ch 1, 2 SC (9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip next stitch) 10 times, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, SC (227)
6. Ch 1, 2 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, (9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch) across, 12 SC remaining stitches
7. Ch 1, 4 SC, (9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip 2) across, SC remaining stitches
8. Repeat row 6
9. With both colors held together and H hook, SC row
10. Sc row, drop B halfway through and change hooks to E and continue in SC
11. SC row
12. SC row
13. Chang to B, (3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC) repeat across, SC remaining stitches (this should reverse the chevron) (keep track of this number)
14. SC the number of remaining stitches then start chevron pattern as follows (9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch)
15. Repeat row 13
16. Using both colors and H hook, SC row.
17. Repeat row 16
18. Using A and E hook SC row
19. Repeat row 18
20. Repeat row 18
Fasten off, weave in ends.