Free Pattern Tuesday – Bacon Scarf


Everyone loves Bacon. Okay they should love Bacon. This Bacon Scarf should make all the Bacon lovers out there happy while keeping them warm and toasty. This pattern should be a little free form so if you don’t know what I am going for, it’s okay. If you get completely flustered, let me know and I will help you as best I can.

Copyright 2011 (c) Wendy’s Wild Life
Size H Crochet Hook
Size E Crochet Hook
Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Beige (A)
I love this yarn in Burnt Pumpkin (B)
Abbreviations and Terms
SC – Single Crochet
INC – Increase (2 SC in designated stitch)
CC – Change Colors
DEC – SC 2 stitches together
SL – Slip Stitch
Ch – chain
Note this pattern allows for a lot of improvisation. Feel free to change colors at random and add extra rows.
In A, Ch 201
1. SC in 2nd Ch from hook, SC remaining stitches (200)
2. Ch 1, 5 SC, 12 INC, 16 SC, 7 INC, 13 SC, 8 INC, 14 SC, 24 INC, 20 SC, 14 INC, 22 SC, 10 INC, 14 SC, 16 INC, 5 SC (291)
3. Ch 1, (10 SC, 10 INC) 14 times SC Remaining 11 stitches (431)
4. Ch 1, DEC all the way across the row, SC last stitch (216)
5. CC to B, Ch 1, 2 SC (9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip next stitch) 10 times, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, SC (227)
6. Ch 1, 2 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, (9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch) across, 12 SC remaining stitches
7. Ch 1, 4 SC, (9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip 2) across, SC remaining stitches
8. Repeat row 6
9. With both colors held together and H hook, SC row
10. Sc row, drop B halfway through and change hooks to E and continue in SC
11. SC row
12. SC row
13. Chang to B, (3 SC in next stitch, 9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC) repeat across, SC remaining stitches (this should reverse the chevron) (keep track of this number)
14. SC the number of remaining stitches then start chevron pattern as follows (9 SC, Skip 2, 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch)
15. Repeat row 13
16. Using both colors and H hook, SC row.
17. Repeat row 16
18. Using A and E hook SC row
19. Repeat row 18
20. Repeat row 18
Fasten off, weave in ends.

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52 comments on “Free Pattern Tuesday – Bacon Scarf
  1. cakemix says:

    this has got to be the best thing ever! thank you xxx

  2. katie o says:

    I love this, I recently decided to make my niece a Bacon scarf, but the only ones out there were a huge intarsia chart or they were just striped. This one has great texture and is only two colors, but the two.strands together rows are genius. I am working on it with a brownish red chunky yarn and an off white tan-ish Homespun. It’s looking great, ill have to email you a picture when its done! There’s several site which have compiled Bacon scarf patterns, and your pattern isn’t on any of them, but then this one is much more recent. Great work, I love it!!!!!

    • wmthornb says:

      I’m so glad you like it. I like that it allows for a lot of flexibility. You can make it thick or thin and change the colors up at random. Please send me a photo when you finish. I am trying to develop a reader made section so people can see how other’s projects have turned out.

  3. Dear Aunt Wendy, You are a genius and we wish you were OUR drunken Aunt Wendy! Thank you for the pattern!

  4. Joy says:

    Omg! I love this 🙂
    I am vegan and I have a niece who is OBSESSED with bacon and we joke all the time how she’d join me in veganism if bacon wasn’t meat! I am making us matching scarves for Christmas
    You are awesome!

  5. Caresse Heitzman says:

    Hi Wendy, I have a couple of questions regarding this pattern. I love it btw, I love that it looks like real bacon rather than just a ripple scarf in red and white.
    First question- Do you only need one ball of each color of yarn? You don’t list a quantity in your supply list.
    Second question- In rows 10 and 18, you say to switch to hook E, but your supply list calls for a G and H hook, no mention of an E.
    Could you clarify this to me in an email please? I really appreciate it. Also about how long is the scarf once its done?
    Thanks again,

  6. Kristen says:

    I adore this. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your porky genius!

  7. Anne says:

    Oh my god this is so cool! It isn’t like a lot of other bacon patterns that just have stripes or whatever, this ACTUALLY looks like a strip of bacon. I think I’ll have to make this for my meatatarian friend for her birthday, haha. Great pattern!

  8. read somewhere that bacon is the meat most vegetarians stray for! I believe it. not a big meat eater… but bacon…. ummmmm

  9. One question. In the pattern there is a g hook and an h hook. It says e hook on Row 10. Is that supposed to be G?

  10. Amy says:

    How do I locate this pattern? All I see is the pic and the link to this page.

  11. mamajos says:

    Oh my goodness! Love, love, love this bacon scarf! I was asked to make a bacon scarf for a fb friend, but all I could find was striped ripple patterns…blah! This fits the bill perfectly!!! Your work is amazing!!
    Thank you!
    Mama Jo’s Inspired by Love

  12. Carri says:

    Awesome scarf! How much yarn did yours take? Sorry if I have overlooked that part.

  13. Libby Meredyth says:

    How many balls of wool would I need to make this great scarf?

  14. j.a. kjos hunter says:

    I made this scarf for my bf for his birthday tomorrow.. Cant wait for him to get it! It looks SO REAL. Wish I could post a pic 🙂 thanks for the pattern 🙂

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  16. Jessey says:

    Forgive me if this was already asked as answered: how many skeins of each yarn? Thanks!

  17. Deana says:

    Thank you so much for the pattern? How many skeins does it take of each color and do you just change the color sequence at random? Thanks a lot!

    • wmthornb says:

      I used less than one of each. If you want your bacon to be your own individual scarf, feel free to change the colors at random. I wrote down in the pattern when I changed them.


  18. […] the moment I’m whipping up a shorter variation of this crochet bacon scarf to see if it’ll work for my costume for Chivahn’s Adventure Time themed birthday party […]

    • Randi says:

      Ok I have one question on row 4 you finish with 216 Sts. Which I have. So if I sc the first 2sts then do the () part which is 20 sts. In () then sc 9, then 3sc in next st, then sc in last st. Iam only using 213 sts and I have left over at end of row. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. I love the pattern be the way.

      • drunkenauntwendy says:

        I would just SC the last couple of stitches. It was a really free form pattern. I never tested it. Any time you run into left over stitches, just SC them.

  19. SO AWESOME! I had some of Vanna’s Choice new Brick color, and it looks super awesome! Once I take better pics I’ll send them. Next one I’m going to do the “curly fat” rows on both sides. It’s super great as it is, but I love that you can make a whole bunch and have them all be slightly different. Just like real slices of bacon!

    I also wanted a “fluffier” fabric, so I used the hook size suggested on the skein (J) for the single yarn rows, and a size N for two. Not that I needed to use one that big to handle both strands, but I like the way the bigger stitches look placed in the middle of the bacon. 🙂

  20. […] come together, but I don’t get much else done when I do, lol. While relaxing, I found this AWESOME pattern online for a bacon scarf. Instead of a flat ripple, it was all “curly” like real bacon! I was in love. Then a […]

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  22. Great pattern! I might try knitting one.

  23. […] found the bacon pattern from Drunken Aunt Wendy Designs blog, and I free-handed the eggs. I finished this project in just a day and a half (once I started I […]

  24. Mariana Navarro says:

    absolutely love your pattern I have a coworker who has been begging for a bacon scarf for when she goes to a beacon festival this year I am finally going to try out this pattern will send you a picture when I am done. thanks a bunch for your hard rock

  25. Cheryl Hankins says:

    In row 5 it says to have 227 stitches.I am 8 stitches to short what am I doing wrong can you help me.In row 4 I came out to 216 like it said. Please e-mail me and let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks

  26. Sarah Szabo says:

    I love the look of your bacon scarf, and I’d love to make it, but I do have a few questions. How long is the finished scarf? In the beginning of the pattern, it does not say which hook size to use. Would I start with an E hook? I hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

  27. Kat says:

    I really love this! I work with a crazy lady who obsesses over her bacon and I’d love to make this for her!! I am just confused on what you mean for the increase? Is it in one loop? Or two for (x) amount of time? I’m sure I’ll figure it out but a little guidance would be appreciated! Then I can give that crazy bacon lady a bacon scarf 😉 Thank you for sharing this pattern! (I’ve also found an egg hat and buttered toast mittens lol)

  28. Susie newhall says:

    I am dying over your creation!!! It is the most realistic bacon scarf I have ever seen!! I want to make this for a male who is y’all and large. How can I make this longer? Any advice would help!! Thank you sooo much!!

    • wmthornb says:

      I am so glad you like it. It was a lot of fun to make.

      Start with a longer chain. Then adjust the pattern by how many you increased either at the end or beginning of each row, It is a fairly freeform pattern.

  29. Mary-Anne Lefley-Hean says:

    When I do Row 5 I have done it three times now and can’t seem to end up 227 stitches……
    I have a few unworked stitches left…..

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      I would just SC the last couple of stitches. It was a really free form pattern. I never tested it. Any time you run into left over stitches, just SC them.

    • Heather says:

      I had 14 stitches left over rather than 12. I’ve just sc the extra two. I’m nervous it will throw off the peaks a bit, but it still looks fun.

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