Modifications to the Viking Helmet

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I decided to make my Viking helmet at little girly.

The pattern is available on Etsy. I only have it available in toddler size.

I used a bright pink yarn for the helmet part. I cut fifteen strands of a soft blond yarn and attached it using a crochet hook. The horns are also done with a sparkly white to add bit of bling.

I have a bunch of orders to work on, so I am slowly designing new patterns and updating older ones.

Happy Fall.

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2 comments on “Modifications to the Viking Helmet
  1. Tracy Walsh says:

    Hello Wendy,

    That is freaky !!! It was only yesterday I visited your site, thinking you have been so quiet since your wedding !!

    Great to see you back !!

    Kind Regards,



    • wmthornb says:


      I am trying. Finding time for yarn craft is a lot more difficult with children and a husband. For some reason they want me to pay attention to them too :).

      I’m working on a few things and I am trying to update more.


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