Foofa is done


I’ve finally finished Foofa. Pictures are below. I’ll try to get the pattern typed up as soon a possible. I need to check it for mistakes before I share. It’ll be up soon. Next up, Plex!


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  1. Can’t wait to see pattern. Have three nieces crazy about Yo Gabba Gabba. Hoping to make them the set in time for Christmas. Thanks so much! Made my Christmas list a tad shorted. Best Bev


    • Bev,

      Good luck. These patterns make huge stuffed plushies. Due to the time constraints, If you want to go smaller you can check out Crafty is Cool. Her’s are about 12″ tall instead of my giant ones. I will get the Foofa pattern up this weekend and I am currently working on Plex.

      Thank you so much for following me.



  2. I LOVE your Yo Gabba Gabba plushies! One day I am going to make these for my son and his cousin. I can’t wait for Plex! Awesome work!


  3. These are SO cute. Surprisingly large, but I think that makes them more fun. Looking forward to making them, and I can’t wait for Plex too!!


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