Knitting this week

In order to prevent boredom, I decided I would try something new and/or different at least once a month. The new projects will cover knitting, weaving, cross stitch, etc. Hopefully, I will be a touch more consistent with posting. This week I started the Antarkis shawl by Janina Kallio. The pattern is available on Ravelry… Continue reading Knitting this week


Final Part of the MCAL

Have you figured out which 80s character the MCAL is? It's from an old video game. Here's the last part. SNOUT  - in orange neon When you make your initial chain stitch, use a long string. Ch 2, Round 1:  6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook [6]. Round 2: INC in each stitch [12].… Continue reading Final Part of the MCAL


Mystery Crochet a-long part #1

My apologies. Work went a little insane last Friday right when I was getting ready to post this first part of the pattern. Then it kept going until today. Actually, I am still supposed to be making phone calls, but I needed a breather. What are your thoughts on pictures? I don't want to give… Continue reading Mystery Crochet a-long part #1


Eevee with modifications

I had a friend request some Pokémon for his wife. They are quite the Pokémon Go players. He wanted Eevee, Polliwag, Vulpix, Jigglypuff and Ponyta. We decided Ponyta might not translate to stuffed form. Not being one to recreate the wheel, I checked the internet for patterns for these Pokémon. If you haven't gone to… Continue reading Eevee with modifications

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Pikachu Hats for Cats – and sometimes dogs.

Pokémon Go fever has taken over, at least in our house. I got an odd request over Facebook. "Can you make a Pikachu Hat for a cat for a gift?" Not one to back down from a challenge, I happily accepted. It looks a little silly without a cat in it, but it ended up… Continue reading Pikachu Hats for Cats – and sometimes dogs.


Exploring creativity in other ways

I love to knit and crochet. I love the feel of the fibers moving through my hands. It is fun for me to see the completed objects form as I try different techniques to get the creature/scarf/hat to turn out like my sketch. It is a long process and a lot of trial and error.… Continue reading Exploring creativity in other ways


Things I’ve been up to.

I wanted to come up with a Valentine's Day themed item. I love double knitting and working with bright colors. I came up with a chart and swatched it to see if it would work. I had some really fun red variegated yarn from Knit Picks that was on clearance. After swatching, I realized that it wasn't enough… Continue reading Things I’ve been up to.


Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016! Christmas orders are finally over. I was challenged with creating a couple of interesting animals. One of the biggest challenges was this rather large Hippo/Rhino Push Me Pull Me. I'm excited to make them into their own creatures instead of the combination. Check out those super cute toenails. The Rhino head went… Continue reading Happy New Year


Bonnie and Clyde – new monster pattern

Here's how this works. This pattern will be up for 2 weeks for testing. Please let me know if you find any errors or anything is unclear or hard to follow. Meet Bonnie and Clyde. They are monsters in love. Bonnie still isn't done in these photos. She will have the same mouth as Clyde.… Continue reading Bonnie and Clyde – new monster pattern