Free Pattern Tuesday – Green Pig from Angry Birds

Green Pig

Things were a bit clearer today and I remembered the picture was actually on my work computer. Here’s the new free pattern.

If you make him, make sure to use #drunkenauntwendy when you post so I can find it.

Check around my blog for Red, Blue, Yellow, Black birds. There is also a helmet pig.

Copyright 2012: Wendy’s Wild Life

Materials, Notes and Abbreviations

Vanna’s Choice in Fern, Black and White

Size E Crochet Hook

Yarn needle


SC – Single Crochet

INC – 2 SC in the same stitch

DEC – SC two stitches together

BLO – back loops only

Note – item is worked in the round unless instructed otherwise. Use a scrap piece of contrasting yarn to mark the beginning of a row.



Main Body

In Fern, Chain 5

  1. 3 SC, 3 SC in last stitch, 3 SC in unused loops on other side of first three stitches, 3 SC in chain from first stitch (12)
  2. (3 SC, INC in next 3 stitches) 2 times (18)
  3. [3 SC, (1SC, INC) 3 times] 2 times (24)
  4. [3 SC, (1SC, INC, 1SC) 3 times] 2 times (30)
  5. [3 SC, (3SC, INC) 3 times] 2 times (36)
  6. [3 SC, (2SC, INC, 2SC) 3 times] 2 times (42)
  7. (6 SC, INC) 6 times (48)
  8. (7 SC, INC) 6 times (54)

9-20               12 rows SC

20.  (7SC, DEC) 6 times (48)

21.  (6SC, DEC) 6 times (42)

22. (5SC, DEC) 6 times (36)

23.  (4SC, DEC) 6 times (30)

Start Stuffing

24.  (3SC, DEC) 6 times (24)

25.  (2SC, DEC) 6 times (18)

26.  (1SC, DEC) 6 times (12)

27.  (DEC) 6 times (6)

Fasten Off. Thread tail through last 6 stitches and pull up tight to close the hole



In Fern, Chain 2

  1. 6 SC in 2nd chain from hook
  2. INC in each stitch (12)
  3. In BLO SC each stitch (12)
  4. SC row

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing. Embroider two nostrils on the snout using straight stitches before sewing to the body making one nostril bigger than the other. Lightly stuff and sew to the main body.

Ears – make 2


In Fern, Chain 2

  1. 4 SC in 2nd chain from hook
  2. INC in each stitch (8)
  3. SC row
  4. SC Row
  5. (DEC, 2 SC) 2 times (6)
  6. SC rows
  7. SC opening closed

Fasten off. Embroider the inside of the ears in black before sewing to the top of the main body.

Eyes – make 2


In White, Chain 4

  1. SC 2, 3 SC in last stitch, continue around and working in unused loops from first 2 stitches SC 2, 3 SC in chain from first stitch (10)
  2. (SC 2, INC in next three stitches) 2 times (16)

Fasten Off. Embroider pupils in black and sew to main body above the snout. Use picture for placement. Embroider Eyebrows over the eyes.



In Fern, Chain 16

SC in 2nd chain from hook and the remaining stitches.

Fasten off. Curl tail around finger and sew to back of pig.

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