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Gotta crochet them all part 1

This year, I had the dumbest idea. I should crochet all the Pokemon. Then I looked at a pokedex. While I play Pokemon Go, I was not quite prepared for the sheer number of Pokemon. With the release of Scarlet

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Wednesday Addams Champagne Cork Ornament

I grew up watching re-runs of the Addams Family in black and white. We also watched the movie with Christina Ricci as a kid. So, when the new series came out, I had to watch it. The line “Wednesday is

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Shining Twins – mini horror – free crochet pattern

I’ve been consistent. It’s crazy. I’m really trying to get more typed and up. There are so many patterns that I have written that I still have not typed. I’m working on some mythical creatures and a potential book. Not

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Hannibal Lecter – Free Pattern

Crochet pattern to make a mini Hannibal Lecter

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New Horror Minis

This year I present my new horror minis. Due to Instagram polling, the Shining Twins are not bloody. I feel as though they should be, but I was overruled. Thankfully, I didn’t ask about Georgie. I think I’m the most

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Horror Minis

Every year I make mini monsters. Not all are pictured here. There are patterns for: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice The Babadook Pennywise 1990 Freddy Krueger Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Samara Twisty Billy from Saw Apparently, I never typed Ghostface. I have quite

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Rosie Free Pattern

Crochet Rosie

Remember the Jetsons? Now, I’m not that old, the cartoon was re-released in the the 80s. Plus the movie was release in 1990. Tiffany was Judy! I know, that still makes me old. Anyway, I always wanted a robot maid.

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Free Crochet Pattern – Strawberry Shortcake

Crochet Strawberry Shortcake

I have so many patterns to type. I am working on it as my husband and I decided to build a wine bar from scratch and that is taking a lot of my time. I am also working on Youtube

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Mickey Mouse Champagne Cork

Mickey Mouse Cork Ornament

Free Crochet pattern for a Mickey Mouse Cork Ornament

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FREE Crochet Summit VIP Pass

Crochet Avocato

The Crochet Summit is over, but I’ve got a free VIP all access pass to giveaway. On top of the Avocato, there are over 40 different classes and tons of free patterns. You can learn all types of thing. The

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