Pics of projects

The lovely April tackled the Foofa pattern. She said it only took her a month and 5lbs of pillow stuffing. Here’s her version.


I like that she gave us some perspective on how big Foofa really is. She mentioned there might be an error in the pattern on the feet. I’m looking into it and I will post the errata.

Thanks April.

If anyone else has completed photos, let me know. I’d love to post them. You can reach me directly at wendythornburg@yahoo.com.

Also if you haven’t stopped by the Facebook page, I’m playing a new game called WTH is Wendy making. Basically, I’ll post pieces of an unfinished project and the first person, if any who guesses what the finished product is going to be, gets the original. After I have it photographed of course.

Here’s the head of the current project. I’m making this a Facebook only game so I can keep track of the winner.


First guess is Carol Channing which is hilarious but sadly incorrect.



2 thoughts on “Pics of projects

  1. Loooove the yo gabba gabba patterns!!! My friend sent me the link to foofah & I saw muno, brobee & the start of plex is there a toodee?? Or will there be??


    1. Lauren:

      Thank you so much. Plex is actually almost done. I know I’ve said that for awhile, but I promise I just need to finish his legs, hands and feet.

      As for toodee, I feel I must do it to complete the set so it will eventually be up here. They take so long to finish that I have to mix in other projects while I go or I will get bored and never finish them.



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