Buckeye Baby Hat – Free Pattern

The link previously provided to get a .pdf of the pattern is no longer working. I changed my dropbox account so I apologize if anyone has been trying to find it and it has been unavailable. The Buckeye Baby Hat is available. Just click on the link.

Happy crocheting and be sure to check out the new fan appreciation gallery and my own gallery of items. I’m slowly learning to manage how to do this with two kids constantly underfoot. I am getting back to designing patterns. It may be awhile until I am back in the swing of things, but I will get there.

Use #drunkenauntwendy so I can find it.

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  1. […] After mastering how to crochet in the round and finishing the first hat I began making the first baby hat. The red one with a buckeye and leaves. This one took me about an hour to do for just the hat portion. The buckeye and leaves didn’t take too long either. I used this tutorial for the hat and made it the 3-6 month old size. The tutorial was very detailed and easy to understand! To make the leaves and buckeye use the pattern located here. […]

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