Striped Skull Baby Beanie

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I’m in a state of half designing, half finishing orders. It is nearing Christmas and people are planning gifts. My cousin contacted me because her friend lost a hat and she was wondering if I could recreate it. Not only that, but she wanted it for a newborn, a toddler and an adult male. This is the newborn size.

The hat I was supposed to recreate was made on a machine and I wasn’t sure how I would do it. I decided a simple striped beanie knit and seamed up the back. For some reason I don’t like to circular knit hats. I like to circular knitting, just not for hats. I know, I’m weird.

The next part was the yellow skull. I practiced my google-fu and found this pattern by Amy Solovay. I used a size E hook and worsted weight yarn for the newborn hat. When I go to bigger sizes, I will use a bigger hook.

I’m caught up for the week so maybe I can do some designing this weekend.

Fingers crossed,


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