The never-ending sweater project

I haven’t disappeared, I just decided to make a sweater for myself.

I’m a slower at knitting than I am at crochet, but I found a shrug jacket pattern by Debbie Bliss and thought it looked really cute and comfortable. It’s called the Moss Stitch Shrug Jacket and it is available in Issue #10 of the magazine.

I had a 9 hour conference in March and thought I could easily knock out most of it then. I didn’t even finish the back at my conference.

2015-04-20 12.35.08 2015-04-20 12.35.25

The back is done finally. It is about 36 inches long, and I really love the moss stitch. I have started on the Left back sleeve. Once I finish that part, I will have 3 more pieces to go and then assemble.

My current estimated finish time is around June when it will be too hot to wear it. I never make anything for myself so I really want to finish this. I do think I will only work on it during the evening while I watch TV and use my other time for some other projects. Plus, I think my husband will be rather upset if I continue to have unfinished WIPs all over my studio.

Speaking of studios, we created one in my attic for just me and all my weaving/art/yarn/jewelry making accessories. I am still crocheting, but I have gotten into a few more things.

I will definitely post the finished item. If I ever finish it.


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