Gotta crochet them all part 1

This year, I had the dumbest idea. I should crochet all the Pokemon. Then I looked at a pokedex. While I play Pokemon Go, I was not quite prepared for the sheer number of Pokemon. With the release of Scarlet and Violet it numbers at around 1008. This may take a few years so I will post my progress and the links to the patterns.

I started with Bulbasaur.

This took me awhile to find the best pattern. I wanted to make sure it was as close to the original Pokemon as possible.


This pattern I found on deviant art was my absolute favorite. I did have to look up a tutorial on how to do the needle felted eyes, but it was great to add something new to my skill set.

Then I used a random number generator to figure out who was next. came up with #255 Torchic who is also completely adorable.

Also a starter pokemon and so cute. I got the pattern here. There are a bunch of Pokemon patterns on this website so I might be back. I did choose to use safety eyes on this one instead of felt.

That’s as far as I have gotten. I will update when I have more, Pokeballs, included.

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