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MCAL part #2

It's been a fun week. I had a craft fair last Saturday that kept me pretty busy tagging and setting up. My dad made me some awesome shelves to display my stuff. Due to work, my husband stained them. Now I have to make bags to protect the dulcimers my dad has been making as… Continue reading MCAL part #2

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Mystery Crochet Along

I am so sorry. This was supposed to be up over a week ago, but I got sick, then my husband got sick. Basically, we have been a walking plague these past two weeks. I reworked the Champagne Cork Ornaments for Easter.   Sheldon was finally tested and typed. He even got new colors. I'm… Continue reading Mystery Crochet Along


Christmas is coming

I don't always crochet. Sometimes, I knit little hats and scarves for my champagne corks. This is a fun way to use up little scraps of yarn and all those champagne corks I have been saving for the last year. Any excuse to drink bubbles is a good excuse. That reminds me, I should pick… Continue reading Christmas is coming


Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket

This was originally supposed to be a Christmas Present (Last Christmas) for my soon to be brother-in-law. He and his wife were having a competition to see who would turn on the heat first and I thought it would be cute to give them each a lap blanket to help with the competition. Lo and… Continue reading Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket


The power of the puff

My friend made these wonderful puff balls for her birthday party last weekend. They are super easy with a great payoff. Using 8 - 10 pieces of tissue paper accordion fold and secure the center with a small piece of floral wire. Gently separate the layers of tissue paper to make a ball. She used… Continue reading The power of the puff