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Free Pattern – Handy Crochet Tote


I have been trying to get this pattern up for awhile, but I’m never home during the daylight hours. I really wanted to get the picture outside. This is the best alternative I could come up with. I really prefer natural light, but I think the colors are fairly well represented. You can attach any flower. I like this sunflower, but you might want to check out Micah Makes and her interchangeable big button flower. You can find it here,.

Copyright 2011 (c) Wendy’s Wild Life
Size E Crochet Hook
Size G Crochet Hook
Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Dusty Green (A)
Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Chocolate (B)
I love this yarn in Sungold (C)
Abbreviations and Terms
SC – Single Crochet
INC – Increase (2 SC in designated stitch)
CC – Change Colors
DEC – SC 2 stitches together
SL – Slip Stitch
Ch – Chain
DC – Double Crochet
BLO – Back Loops Only
FLO – Front Loops Only
TC – Triple Crochet
PC – Popcorn – 4 DC in designated stitch, drop loop. Place hook in first stitch of popcorn grab dropped loop and pull through first stitch. Ch 1 to tighten up popcorn.
Note: Mark beginning of each row with a scrap piece of yarn

In A, Ch 32 with E hook
SC in 2nd Ch from hook, 29 SC, 3 SC in last Ch, 30 SC in unworked loops of stitches on opposite side, 3 SC in end stitch.
[30 SC, (INC) 3 times] twice (72)
[30 SC, (SC, INC) 3 times] twice (78)
[30 SC, (SC, INC, SC) 3 times] twice (84)
[30 SC, (3 SC, INC) 3 times] twice (90)
[30 SC, (2 SC, INC, 2 SC) 3 times] twice (96)
[30 SC, (5 SC, INC) 3 times] twice (102)
Change to G hook, SC in BLO
(SC, DC) 51 times
SC row
Repeat row 9
SC row
Repeat row 9
SC row
Repeat row 9
SC row
Repeat row 9
SC row
SC row
TC in 2nd Stitch, TC in 1st stitch (cross stitch made), repeat across (51 cross stitches)
SC row
22-34. Repeat rows 9 – 21
35-44. Repeat rows 9 – 18
Fasten off

Ch 11
SC in 2nd Ch from hook, SC in remaining 9 stitches, Ch 1, turn
SC in each stitch
Repeat until strap measures the desired length. Remember the strap will stretch
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.
Fold purse in half to get strap placement and sew on
Join (A) with a slip stitch beside the strap and single crochet the edge of the strap. Repeat on other side.

In B, Ch 2
6 SC in 2nd chain from hook
2 Popcorns in each stitch (12)
(SC, INC) 6 times (18)
[SC, PC, (SC, PC) in same stitch] 6 times (24), close circle with a SL
CC to C, in FLO (Ch 7, SL in 2nd Ch from hook, SC in next 5 stitches (24 petals)
Repeat row 5, in BLO
Fasten off. I recommend steam blocking to get the petals to lay flat. Sew to tote.




4 thoughts on “Free Pattern – Handy Crochet Tote

  1. Hi there! I am making this tote for Mother’s day! My mom just loves sunflowers! I am just wondering which side of the bag is supposed to be the “right side”? I can’t really tell from the pictures! I assume the back loop crochets are supposed to form a sort of design (and therefore that is the right side), but also I have a section where you can see staggering where I have moved up with each round. Very cute bag-can’t wait to finish up and give it to my Mom!

    1. The back loops should form the edge on the base so it goes from the bottom up to the side pattern. I hope that helps. Your mom is going to love it.

  2. I am just wondering, how much wool is needed for the main bag part (green) for the “Handy Crochet Tote” pattern?

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