Seneca – The evil monster

2015-08-07 13.59.44

I was playing with my monsters and I thought I should make an evil one. Actually, I just wanted to make a mustache and this is what happened. It looks nothing like my original sketch. My daughter thought he looked like the game maker from Hunger Games. Hence the name.

I’m not positive I like his stalk eye. I’m wondering if it should be skinnier. I do like the splotches and the mustache just makes me laugh. The arms are fun and I’m enjoying seeing all the different things I can do with a body part after I make it. For example, the arms would be really good puppy ears.

2015-08-07 13.59.55

Please feel free to test this out. Let me know if there are any problems. It will be available free for two weeks until August 21. Then I will take Seneca down and put up a new pattern that will stay free forever. (My husband wants me to make emoji pillows, I want to make a carrot. I don’t know which one will win.)

Here’s the .pdf. Please let me know if you have any problems or anything is confusing.

8/26/15 – Updated

The pattern is no longer free. It is available for purchase on Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry.

See he is evil. He stole Bonnie and Mango from the boys.
See he is evil. He stole Bonnie and Mango from the boys.

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