Emoji Imp Pillow – Free Pattern

Emoji Imp Pillow – Free Pattern

Crochet Emoji Imp

My husband won. (not completely, he wanted the poop emoji).

Crochet Emoji Pillow
Pirate emoji

Here is a new free pattern that will stay free on Ravelry. The Ravelry link will bring the .pdf up immediately.

I will likely come up with a few more emoji pillows in the next few months.

I’ve already started on the next monster set and they are quite hot and cold.

Crochet Monster

9 Comments on “Emoji Imp Pillow – Free Pattern

  1. He is a CUTIE, would get a giggle waking up next to him in the Dark !!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing Wendy, I am actually working with your FOOFA pattern at the moment.

    Your PATTERNS will NEVER get old and you will be pleased to know how FAR AROUND THE WORLD they travel !!

    I am in AUSTRALIA, they are used by my Dear Friend from SUDAN, and also a friend from BRAZIL !!!

    FROM US ALL !!!!!

    • I had no idea my patterns had travelled so far. Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck with Foofa. I think that one took me almost a month to finish. :).

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