Topsy Turvy – Free Pattern


Topsy flips over to create his friend Turvy.  He was created to explore the idea of one creature flipping over to make a completely different stuffed friend. This little amigurumi is super cute no matter which way you turn him.





Worsted Weight Yarn


I love this yarn – Hot Orchid


I love this yarn – Graphite


I love this yarn – Black


18 MM Safety Eyes


Size E crochet hook




Large Eye Needle


Small Sharp Embroidery Needle






SC – Single Crochet


CH- Chain


FO – Fasten Off


SL ST – Slip Stitch


INC – Make two Single Crochet in Same Stitch


DEC – Single Crochet two stitches together


BLO – Back Loops Only


LS – Loop Stitch


LSINC – Loop Stitch Increase




Note: Entire project is worked in the round. Use a stitch marker or a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each row. Then you don’t have to count every row. Do not join unless instructed to.




Parentheses indicate a repeat. Repeat the stitches in the parentheses for the number of times indicated.




The bracketed number [] is the number of stitches at the end of each row.




I spread my increases out so there isn’t a seam on the finished piece. If you do not like this method, you can do regular increases.




I have not included a step by step tutorial on how to do a loop stitch. Here is a helpful tutorial on Crochet Me’s website.




If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at




HEAD/BODY – in Graphite


Note: The head is started in Loop Stitch. As Loop Stitch shows on the wrong side of the fabric, you will reverse your stitching to end up on the right side when you start single crocheting. Work a Loop Stitch Increase by doing two Loop Stitches in the same stitch. 




 Ch 2


Round 1: 6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook [6].


Round 2: LSINC in each stitch around [12 LS].


Round 3: (LS, LSINC) 6 times [18 LS].


Round 4: (LS, LSINC, LS) 6 times [24 LS].


Round 5: (3 LS, LSINC) 6 times [30 LS].


Round 6: (2 LS, LSINC, 2 LS) 6 times [36 LS].


Round 7: You will be changing colors to Hot Orchid in the last stitch of this row.


(5 LS, LSINC) 6 times [42 LS].


Round 8: Turn the work so the right side (the loops) are facing outward  Reminder the rest of the creature is worked in single crochet. (3 SC, INC, 3 SC) 6 times [48].


Round 9: (7 SC, INC) 6 times [54].


Rounds 10-23: SC in each stitch for 14 rows [54 SC per row].


Round 24: (7 SC, DEC) 6 times [48].


Round 25: (6 SC, DEC) 6 times [42].


Place Eyes between Rows 16 and 17 approximately 7 stitches apart. This should be right underneath the hair.


Embroider the face using the pictures as a guide. Hide the mouth for Turvy under the loops for the hair.


Start Stuffing. You want to stuff firmly and make sure that the stuffing doesn’t cause lumps on the outside of your creature.


Round 26: (5 SC, DEC) 6 times [36].


Round 27: (4 SC, DEC) 6 times [30].


Round 28: (3 SC, DEC) 6 times [24].


Round 29: (2 SC, DEC) 6 times [18].


Round 30: (SC, DEC) 6 times [12].


Round 31: (DEC) 6 times [6].


Fasten off leaving a 6-10 inch tail. Using the tail weave in and out of the last 6 stitches and pull tight to close up the hole.




ARMS– in Hot Orchid (make 2)


Ch 2


Round 1: 6 SC in 2nd Chain from hook [6].


Round 2: SC row [6].


Round 3: SC row [6].


Round 4: (SC, INC) 3 times [9].


Round 5: SC Row [9].


Round 6: SC Row [9].


Round 7: (2 SC, INC) 3 times [12].


Round 8: SC Row [12].


Round 9: SC Row [12].


Round 10: SC Row [12].


Round 11: SC Row [12].


Round 12: SC Row [12].


Round 13: SC Row [12].


Round 14: SC Row [12].


Round 15: SC Row [12].


Round 16: SC Row [12].


Round 17: SC Row [12].




Fasten off and fold the arms flat. Sew to side of creatures between rows 9-10 in line with the eyes.




LEGS/ANTENNA – in Graphite (make 2)


Ch 2


Round 1:  6 SC in 2nd Chain from hook [6].


Round 2: (INC) 6 times [12].


Round 3: (SC, INC) 6 times [18].


Round 4: (SC, INC, SC) 6 times [24].


Round 5: SC row in BLO [24].


Round 6:  SC row [24].


Round 7: SC row [24].


Round 8: SC row [24].


Round 9: (2SC, DEC) 6 times [18].


Start stuffing


Round 10: (SC, DEC) 6 times [12]. Change colors to Hot Orchid in last stitch.


Round 11: SC row [12].


Round 12: SC row [12].


Fasten off and after it has been firmly stuffed sew to bottom of creature.






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