Pikachu Hats for Cats – and sometimes dogs.

Pokémon Go fever has taken over, at least in our house. I got an odd request over Facebook. “Can you make a Pikachu Hat for a cat for a gift?” Not one to back down from a challenge, I happily accepted.


It looks a little silly without a cat in it, but it ended up working really well.

Here is Lucky. IMG_1771

She’s exceedingly unimpressed with this. I’m lucky she didn’t bite me.

My Chihuahua wanted to join in on the fun.


Then he kept trying to shake it off. Silly Weeble.

Would you like to make a hat for your cat or possibly a small dog? You are in luck.

I typed up the pattern. Make a hat, put it on a cat and send me a pic. Here’s a link to the pattern: pickachu-hat


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