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Eyeball Wreath

Make your own eyeball wreath.


Plex update – pattern destroyed by a chihuahua

I have gotten all the comments. I am so glad that my Yo Gabba Gabba patterns are so popular. I am working on one other item right now and I will restart Plex. I have to start at the very beginning due to a mischievous Chihuahua who decided that my notes would make a really good chew… Continue reading Plex update – pattern destroyed by a chihuahua


Sorry about no new patterns

I seem to have damaged my hand. Probably doing yard work on Sunday as I was digging for hours, cleaning up after our most recent windstorm. Love it. Anyway, I can barely hold a pen let alone knitting needles or a crochet hook. As my job is more important (income means I can buy yarn),… Continue reading Sorry about no new patterns


Free pattern will be delayed this week

So I love the Hunger Games. Katniss is the biggest badass since Ayla of the Clan of the Cave Bear. I went to see the movie and avoided the smack down when we called a dude out on singing randomly during the movie. However, the black angry bird I was working on is still not… Continue reading Free pattern will be delayed this week


Pics of projects

The lovely April tackled the Foofa pattern. She said it only took her a month and 5lbs of pillow stuffing. Here's her version. I like that she gave us some perspective on how big Foofa really is. She mentioned there might be an error in the pattern on the feet. I'm looking into it and… Continue reading Pics of projects