Free Crochet Pattern – Jellyfish in a jar

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am almost done with Pinky. NARF! Brain and Pinky should be ready to take over the world this weekend.

Crocheted Pinky and the Brain
Did you see Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain are coming back with new content on Hulu? Make your own Yakko, Wakko, and Dot and sit back and watch the show with your little friends.

I’ve also finally got back to weaving. That is my goal for this year. I want to use this expensive piece of equipment that my husband was nice enough to allow me to purchase.

Warping the loom
It is very meditative, but warping takes forever. I’m thinking of adding a luxury line of handwoven goods based on Pantone’s color of the year – Ultra Violet.

Here’s your first free pattern for the New Year. It’s a Jelly Jar! This is a great way to use up scraps of yarn. You can make many different kinds.

Sometimes you need a little jelly. This little jellyfish hangs out in a jar.

Worsted Weight Yarn – Any color
Mason Jar
Size E crochet hook
Large Eye Needle

SC – Single Crochet
CH- Chain
FO – Fasten Off
SL ST – Slip Stitch
INC – Make two Single Crochet in Same Stitch
DEC – Single Crochet two stitches together
BLO – Back Loops Only

Note: Entire project is worked in the round. Use a stitch marker or a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each row. Then you don’t have to count every row. Do not join unless instructed to.

Parentheses indicate a repeat. Repeat the stitches in the parentheses for the number of times indicated.

The bracketed number [] is the number of stitches at the end of each row.

I spread my increases out so there isn’t a seam on the finished piece. If you do not like this method, you can do regular increases.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Ch 2
Round 1: 6 SC in 2nd Ch from hook [6].
Round 2: INC in each stitch [12].
Round 3: (SC, INC) 6 times [18].
Round 4: (SC, INC, SC) 6 times [24].
Round 5: (3 SC, INC) 6 times [30].
Round 6: (2 SC, INC, 2 SC) 6 times [36].
Rounds 7-9: 3 rows SC [36 stitches per row].

Round 10: (DEC, 4 SC) 6 times [30].
Round 11: SC row [30].
Start stuffing
Round 12: (DEC, 3 SC) 6 times [24].
Round 13: (DEC, 2 SC) 6 times [18].
Round 14: in BLOs (DEC, SC) 6 times [12].
Round 15: DEC [6].
Fasten off. Thread needle through last row stitches and pull up tight to close.

Join yarn with a slip stitch to any unused loop from Round 14 on the Body.
Round 1: INC in each stitch [24].
Round 2: INC in each stitch [48].
Fasten off.

TENTACLES – make 5
Ch 15
Row 1: INC in each stitch [30].
Fasten off.
Sew one tentacle in the center and the other four around it.
Place in jar.

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