Free Crochet Pattern – Lucy the Lobster

I’m still beading and working on the new ami-along from It is a princess and her elf friend. I will post pictures when I’m done. It is nowhere near as large as last month’s 2 foot tall pirate bear.

Lucy is next in the Cuddly Aquarium Collection. She’s in the testing process now. Let me know if I should do a video of how to do the claws. The other members of the Cuddly Aquarium include Louie the Shrimp and Gus the Baby Platypus. If you are a member of my mailing list you have access to even more from my Cuddly Aquarium series.

Lucy is a sassy lobster. She doesn’t appreciate being called a bottom feeder and she absolutely loved SNLs Diner Lobster sketch this week. Make her in any color. I think, blue, green or purple would be fun. Make sure to #drunkenauntwendy if you post a picture of your completed Lucy.

Crocheted Lobster Pattern Drunken Aunt Wendy


Size D Crochet Hook
Vanna’s Choice Baby Cheery Cherry (two skeins)
Scraps of white and black

Use a piece of yarn in a contrasting color to mark the beginning of every row.

SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
INC – 2 single Crochet in the same stitch DEC – Single crochet two stitches together SLST – Slip Stitch
BLO – back loops only

1. SC 6 in magic ring
2. INC in each stitch
3. SC Row
4. (SC 1, INC) 6 times
5. SC row
6. (SC 2, INC) 6 times
7. SC Row
8. (SC 3, INC) 6 times
10. (SC 4, INC) 6 times
11. SC Row
12. (SC 5, INC) 6 times
13. (SC 6, INC) 6 times
14-31 SC each Row
32. (SC5, DEC) 6 times
33. SC Row
34. (SC 4, DEC) 6 times
35. SC Row
36. SC Row BLO
37-39 3 rows SC
40. SC Row BLO
41-43 SC Row
44-59 Repeat Rows 40-43 four times
SC opening together


On main body using the unworked loops, join yarn at the approximate halfway point. SC, *Skip 1, DC 5 in next stitch, Skip 1, SC* Repeat 3 more times. NOTE does not go all the way around.

Repeat for every row of unworked loops. Sew in ends.
TAIL (make 3)

1. 4 SC in magic ring
2. INC in each stitch
3-4. SC Rows
5. (INC, SC 3) twice
6-7. SC Rows
8. (INC, SC 4) twice
9-10. SC Rows
11. (INC, SC 5) twice
12-13. SC Rows
14. (INC, SC 6) twice
15-16 SC Rows
Join with SL ST, Fasten Off.
Sew overlapping to bottom of lobster tail. LEGS – (make 6)
1. 4sc in magic ring
2. inc in each stitch around
3. single crochet through BLO
4-7 SC
8 2 dec, sc, 2 inc, sc
9 SC row
10-13 repeat 8 and 9, twice
14-15 SC rows
Fasten off and join to side of body three on each side as in the picture. CLAW – (make 2)
Claw is initially made in two parts and then single crocheted together before you finish the base

Large part of claw.
1. 2sc into magic ring
2. inc in each stitch (4)-
3. inc, 3sc (5)
4. inc, 4sc (6)
5. inc, 5sc (7)
6. inc, 6sc (8)
7. inc, 7sc (9)
8. inc, 8 sc (10)
9. inc, 9 sc (11)
10. inc, 10 sc (12)
11. inc, 11 sc (13)
12. inc, 12 sc (14)
13. inc, 13 sc (15)
14. inc, 14 sc (16)
15. inc, 15 sc (17)
fasten off

small part of claw
1. 2sc into magic ring
2. inc in each stitch (4)-
3. inc, 3sc (5)
4. inc, 4sc (6)
5. inc, 5sc (7)
6. inc, 6sc (8)
7. inc, 7sc (9)
8. inc, 8 sc (10)
9. inc, 9 sc (11)
do not fasten off.

1. Single crochet join with one stitch to side of big claw, continue sc row around claw to other side, single crochet join on far side (should be a two stitch gap) finish the row in single crochet (27 stitches)
2. SC Row, sew gap between two parts of claw together, start stuffing
3-7. SC Rows
4. *3sc, dec* around, sc remaining stitches (should be 3)
5. SC row
6. *2sc, dec* around sc remaining stitches
7. SC row
8. *1sc, dec* around, sc remaining stitches
9. SC row
10. dec around
fasten off, stuff and sew up opening.

ARMS (make two – these connect the claws to the body.

1. 4 sc
2. INC each stitch around
3-10. SC Rows
11. (DEC) twice, SC, (INC) twice SC
12-13. SC Rows
14. (DEC) twice, SC, (INC) twice SC
15-16. SC Rows
17. (DEC) twice, SC, (INC) twice SC
18-19. SC Rows
Joins with still stitch, Fasten off. Stuff. Sew closed part to claws. Sew open part to sides of body
SMALL ANTENNAE (make 2) Chain 11, Turn SC 10
Sew to the front of the face sticking forward like feelers.

LARGE ANTENNAE (Make 2) Chain 21, Turn, SC 20
Sew above small antennae aiming towards the rear of the lobster. Then tack down the other end leaving space to sew the eyes under.

EYES (Make 2)

SC 6 in magic ring, pull tight and join with a SL ST.
Embroider a fleck of white on the eye and sew to the top of the head under and slightly outside the large antennae.

Crocheted Lobster Pattern




For tested patterns, completed plush and kits, feel free to visit my Esty Shop.

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20 comments on “Free Crochet Pattern – Lucy the Lobster
  1. Diana says:

    Hello what a beautifull pattern. But i have a question: row 37 from the body i think its not right or i don’t understand it but if you do dec 16 sc 2x dec 16 sc it is not possible with the stitches what i have because i have 32 stitches. I hope you can understand me my english is not so good

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      My apologies. This pattern isn’t tested and it looks like I added a few extra rows. Just do a SC row for Row 37. The decreases aren’t necessary for the shaping. I will edit the online pattern.

      Thank you

  2. Hi, can you clarify the plaiting on the tail? is it one row or three rows for each row of unworked loops?
    Loving this pattern so far!

  3. Maggie Wannamaker says:

    Is the arms made in the round? it doesn’t mention a magic circle. This is a fantastic pattern.

  4. Melanie Goody says:

    I’m having trouble with round 8 in the legs. The count doesn’t add up?

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      Round 7 has 8 stitches. If you do two decreases in the first 4 stitches, you will have 4 stitches left which is enough to do a SC, 2 INC and a SC.

      Where exactly are you having an issue?

      • Melanie Goody says:

        I think I was only decreasing 2, not doing 2 decreases. So I was working over 2 stitches not 4!

      • drunkenauntwendy says:

        That would make it hard. Glad you figured it out.

  5. Caroline O'Keefe says:

    Hi! love this pattern so far, but can you please explain the plaiting on the tail? what are the unworked loops? how many should i have? what should it look like when i’m done? also, how should i sc the opening together? thanks!

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      Starting in Row 36 you do a few rows in the Back loops only. The unworked loops are the remaining loops in those rows. You will have six rows of plating. It will look like a row of ruffles going down the back of the piece.

      To sc an opening together, you fold the opening in half and SC through both stitches to close it.

  6. […] Quote from the source: … […]

  7. Ana says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if I have the right amount of stitches in the body. At row 13 I have 48 stitches, at 35 I have 36 stitches. At the rows 32 and 34 I had to add an extra SC between DEC.
    Sorry my English, it’s not my first language.

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      This is an untested version of the tested pattern. Row 13 you should have 48 stitches. Row 35 you should have 36 stitches

  8. anaanag says:

    Hello! How many stitches should I have at rows 13 and 35 of the body? Mine has 48 at row 13 and 36 at row 35.
    Also, at the plating on tail, the ruffles should be aligned with the opening of the body that I SC together? (sorry for my English)

  9. Ana Ana says:

    Hello! I’m not sure if I have the right amount of stitches in the body, at row 13 I have 48 and at row 35 I have 36. At the rows 32 and 34 I had to add an extra SC between DEC.
    Also, should the plating on tail be aligned with the body opening I SC together?
    sorry for my English

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      The plating on the tail should be aligned with the end of the body that was crocheted together.

  10. LeAnn says:

    I’m confused about the tails. It just ends with “Join with SL ST, Fasten Off.
    Sew overlapping to bottom of lobster tail.” I have a long, skinny cone with an open end. So I close the end somehow? Do I sew it on with the open end or the pointy end facing away from the body? There’s no picture that shows the tail, so I can’t figure out how the tails work.

    • drunkenauntwendy says:

      Fold closed. Don’t stuff. Sew straight/open side to the edge of tail with the pointy end facing away.

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