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This year’s Mardi Gras creation – Pom poms

Pompoms that look like boobs

Every year for Mardi Gras, I try to create something new to add to my increasing collection of boob related accessories. (I know, I know). This year I had an order for a boob scarf that I barely got done

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Free Pattern Tuesday – Boobie Barrette

Crocheted Boob Barrette Pattern

Free pattern for the perfect crochet accessory for a Fat Tuesday Celebration.

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More Mardi Gras Goofiness

This year it is going to be pretty warm for the Mardi Gras parade. I decided Boobie Barrettes might be the way to go.

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Doggie Boob Scarf

Crocheted boob scarf pattern for a tiny dog

Tiny boob scarf for your tiny dog.

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Mardi Gras prep

It snowed this morning and tried to shut down St. Louis. Made some mulled wine for dinner and whipped these up to help keep us warm at Mardi Gras this year. I personally think they are hilarious. Just under 40

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