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Yakko – Free Pattern

Make your own Warner Brother.


Mango and Tango – monsters out on the town.

I present Mango and Tango. Tango is taking his monster lady friend out on the town dancing. Here's hoping their tails don't get tangled. I tried new things on these two. I added eyelids: And I used doll eyelashes. This shows Mango without her lashes: I'm still deciding whether I like the eyelashes or not.… Continue reading Mango and Tango – monsters out on the town.


Preview of Plex

Update 2018: While I still have the pieces of Plex, my dogs ate the papers with my notes. I don't know if I will ever finish him.  Once again I have gone overboard with the size. Here's Plex's head. It's 10" tall and 13" wide. I have no idea how big this thing is going… Continue reading Preview of Plex